The Consumer Food Safety Education Conference 2014

Mark your calendar - the Consumer Food Safety Education Conference is coming to Arlington, Virginia on December 4 & 5, 2014!

This is your chance to join your colleagues to help shape the future of food safety for American consumers.

The conference will empower you to:

  • Learn about interventions that will help you meet Healthy People 2020 Food Safety goals
  • Share program strategies proven to positively impact consumer behaviors and attitudes about safe food handling
  • Explore the use of technology and social media in reaching and educating consumers about food safety
  • Collaborate with others to improve food safety education outcomes

You can make a difference in food safety. Register today to fight for a food safe tomorrow.



Partnership for Food Safety Education

afamilyThe pressing need for cooperation in consumer food safety education was framed in a 1996 report, “Putting the Food Handling Issue on the Table: the Pressing Need for Food Safety Education.” The non-profit Partnership for Food Safety Education was formed in 1997 when government agencies, industry, and consumer groups pledged to work together to develop the first science-based, consumer education program, Fight BAC!®. The campaign’s four core actionable messages of Clean, Separate, Cook, and Chill remain the fundamental basis of consumer education in safe food handling.

The Partnership's mission is to end illness and death from foodborne infection in the United States. Sharing in this mission are a group of group of health and food safety educators called BAC Fighters. 

On Team Food Safety, you will find many resources that support BAC Fighters in their work. Check out the BAC Fighter page for a complete list. 

Who is a BAC Fighter? Find out now!

Visit for food safety information, downloads, and tools you can use to educate people about protecting their health through safe food handling.


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